How to Achieve Young Enterprise Digital Badges


You are now part of a young enterprise team tasked with making a product that solves an issue that children and young people face in today’s society. The Young Enterprise ‘Badge Calendar’ page lists events and activities taking place.


Young Enterprise digital badges are awarded to children and young people when they have completed a Young Entreprise task or activity.

Using your unique username and ID, you can log into the Young Enterprise webspace to track which digital badges you have achieved.

Young Enterprise digital badges are claimed :


  • By entering a digital badge unlock code, which will be given to you once you have completed a badge activity. Some digital badge unlock codes will also require you to answer a business or enterprise themed question.


  • Automatically – some badges are awarded automatically once you have completed steps. For example, you are automatically awarded the ‘Young Apprentice Candidate’ digital badge once you have logged in to webspace for the first time.


  • Submitting evidence – some Young Enterprise digital badges require you to submit evidence to achieve the digital badge.


  • Completing an online interactive quiz.


As well as a digital badge, certificates will be awarded to children and young people who receive the ‘Young Apprentice Of The Week’.


Check out the Young Enterprise ‘Media Gallery’ to view:


  • A link to the young enterprise product website


  • Young entrepreneur branding ideas


  • Market research


  • Promotional videos


  • Promotional posters


  • Product jingles


By logging in using your unique username and password, you can view the Young Enterprise digital badge leaderboard.