About The Cookley Cooking Kids

The Cookley Cooking Kids Young Enterprise (a project of Young Cookley Youth Club) was created in 2019, working with a group of local young people tasked with developing and creating a healthy cookbook for children.

Following the Digital Badge IT Young Enterprise programme, the young entrepreneurs started by designing branding including a logo, name and mascot, undertaking market research and then going on to develop recipes and other activities to be included in the final Cookbook – gaining digital achievement badges throughout the process.

As well as learning young enterprise skills such as branding, market research, sponsorship, fundraising & finance, our young entrepreneurs have also created multi media to accompany the cookbook, including augmented reality animations and creating YouTube videos.

The founding members of Cookley Cooking Kids are : Luke Slinger, Archie Wright, Henry Higgs, Essie Wright & Jack Hale.